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Polar Storm
-In October 1944, the Soviet 14th Army under General Meretskov launched the Petsamo and Kirkenes operation called the "Tenth Shock" by Stalin. Its aim was to throw the Germans out of northern Finland, an area of strategic importance for both its sea bases and for the nickel mines of Kolosjoki (today named Nikel).

Following the Finnish capitulation in September 1944, preparations were already underway for General Jodl´s XIX Gebirgs-Korps to retreat into northern Norway; however, its fate hung in the balance when Meretskov launched his attack.

-The highly capable General Rendulic, who served as both head of the 20th Mountain Army and overall theatre commander, was well aware of the threat posed by the upcoming offensive, not least the possibility of irreplaceable forces being cut off. Complicating matters was Hitler’s strict order for the supplies in Petsamo to be evacuated before the port was abandoned. The Germans faced a race between being cut off by the advancing Soviets, evacuating the port supplies and maintaining a coherent front line to avoid the controlled retreat turning into a rout.

-Rules and mechanics
Rules are developed from the “Stargard Solstice™” game, released in 2021, making it the 7th game
in the WWII Battle Series, all with chit-pull mechanics.
Game length is 12 turns, each turn represents two days.
Units are regiments and battalions.

-Game components
A full colour map A1 size (594 x 841 mm), (23.3/8 x 33.1/8 in)
Game Rules (16 pages)
286 die-cut 15mm counters
2 Player Aid Cards with charts and tables. 

Polar Storm

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