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P150 Pre-booking

​Welcome to our P150 pre-booking. In order for us to commence production we need at least 150 pre-bookings of interest. Our "P" works differently however compared to other companies in the market.

  • A pre-booking is not binding. However. We trust your interest is sincere, as your input forms basis for our investment in the project. In other words. Expressing an interest means you are going to buy the game when it arrives.

  • As the game goes to print, we will inform you by e-mail that the game is possible to buy in our shop

  • By making a pre-booking you are guaranteed a copy of the game as long as you make a purchase within 15 days from the day of announcement

  • Scroll down to pre-book

Nice huh? No "risk". Just your sincere show of interest is needed as down payment.


Simply drop us an e-mail at listing the titles you are interested in.

Thanks for your support.


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